Teaching evaluations


As part of quality assurance in teaching at the RWTH Aachen University, students receive questionnaires for each class module after each semester to evaluate the event. Here are the last profile lines of the Chair for their courses in PDF format:

PL Materials Chemistry I

SS 2020:

lecture 20ss-00957

SS 2017:

lecture 17ss-00957

WS 2016/2017:

practical course 16ws-00496

SS 2016:

lecture 16ss-00957

PL Materials Chemistry II

WS 2018/2019:

lecture, English 18ws-02757

WS 2017/2018:

lecture, English 17ws-02757
exercise, English 17ws-00103
exercise, German 17ws-03327

WS 2016/2017:

exercise, English 16ws-00103
exercise, German 16ws-03327

WS 2015/2016:

lecture, English 15ws-02757
exercise, English 15ws-00103
exercise, German 15ws-03327

Main features of Surface Engineering

SS 2017:

lecture, exercise, practical course 17ss-01784

SS 2016:

lecture, exercise, practical course 16ss-01784

SS 2014:

lecture, exercise, practical course 14ss-01784

Quantum Mechanics for Engineers

SS 2013:

lecture and exercise 13ss-23248

SS 2011:

lecture and exercise 11ss-23248

SS 2010: