Details on Lab Course



Materials Chemistry I lab is an undergraduate at RWTH Aachen University for students of the following majors:

  • Werkstoffingenieurwesen, B.Sc., 3rd semester
  • Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen, FR: Werkstoff- und Prozesstechnik, B.Sc., 2nd semester

Registration via the Campus system is mandatory.


The lab takes place both, in winter and summer term during the lecture time. There is mandatory presence for all lab days, even if there are other lectures -without mandatory presence- at the same time. Should there be conflicts with other courses with mandatory presence please contact the supervisors.

In case of delay or illness etc. students are excluded from the lab course and have to retry it in one of the following semesters. Please contact the supervisors immediately in such cases.

This applies accordingly for the oral exam at the end.


The lab course is virtual, so the experiments are carried out virtually on computers. The experiments comprise:

  • Reduction of Copper(II) oxide and phase analysis by EDX
  • Oxidation of Nickel and phase analysis by XRD

The results measured virtually are analyzed and documented in lab reports. Acceptance of these reports by the supervisors are prerequiste for admittance to the final oral examination.