Infrastructure Copyright: © MCh  

ab initio

Charge density distribution Copyright: © MCh Charge density distribution

Ab initio calculations of crystal structures, charge density distributions etc. are carried out on our own High Performance Computing Cluster, HPC for short, hosted by the IT Center of RWTH Aachen University.

For extensive calculations we have access to the JARA HPC Cluster jointly operated by Forschungszentrum Jülich and RWTH Aachen University within the JARA Alliance.


Combinatorial Thin Film Synthesis

Combinatorial Thin Film Synthesis Copyright: © MCh

At MATERIALS CHEMISTRY several lab scale thin film deposition systems are available. The layout of these systems is continuously adopted to the scientific questions adressed by our development team, covering construction, control systems, power supply, and pulse generation.

  • UHV systems for combinatorial HPPMS thin film synthesis
  • Arc system for reactive sputtering

For materials design in industrial scale commerecial deposition systems are available:

  • CemeCon CC800/9 HPPMS
  • CemeCon CC800/8


Consistent with the scientific approach outlined in our research philosophy MATERIALS CHEMISTRY maintains comprehensive equipment for spatially resolved materials analysis and chracterization for both, research projects and service measurements.

Part of the equipment is integral element of the virtual materials analysis lab StrucMatLab.

  FIB Copyright: © Materials Chemistry

Optical microscopy

  • optical microscope LEICA DM2700 M
  • stereo microscope LEICA S6D
  • Confocal laser scanning microscope KEYENCE VK-X
  FIB Copyright: © Materials Chemistry

Chemical composition analysis

  • scanning electron microscope JEOL JSM-6450
  • X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy KRATOS Axis Supra
  • Dual-beam Focused Ion Beam Station FEI Helios Nanolab 660i
  • 3D-Atom probe CAMECA LEAP 4000X HR
  XRD machine Copyright: © Materials Chemistry

Structural analysis

  • XRD-Gerät BRUKER AXS D8 GADDS with Cu- and Co-tube and various detectors
  • XRD-Gerät Bruker AXS D5000
  XRD machine Copyright: © Materials Chemistry

Topography/elastic properties

  • Nanoindenter HYSITRON TI-900 TriboIndenter
  Calorimetrie Copyright: © Materials Chemistry

Phase stability

  • Differential-Scanning-Calorimeter -DSC- NETZSCH STA Jupiter
  • several calorimeter
  Seebeck probe Copyright: © Materials Chemistry


  • Seebeck probe LINSEIS LSR 3
  • Laser Flash Analyzer LINSEIS LFA 1000 for the determination of Thermal Diffusivity, Conductivity and Specific Heat